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Sphynx  Cats for adoption at Purfect Sphynx Kitten Home, operates under the belief that quality breeding to better the Sphynx breed is imperative. The Sphynx breed makes wonderful pets because they are curious, playful, loving and entertaining.

• Our Cats and Kittens are Scanned for HCM Annually
• We Offer a Three-Year Congenital Defect Guarantee
• We Offer Life-Long Support for our Sphynx Family
• We Send a Kitten Care Package Home with all Kittens
(Including an Extra Sweater)

Purfect Sphynx Kitten Home strives to raise kittens that are happy, healthy, friendly, and well socialized. Our kittens are known for having the best temperament, being exceptionally loving and docile, all raised in a very nurturing and caring home environment.

The health of our kittens is imperative, receiving the best diet and veterinarian care. We strive to breed the very best of the best, when absolute quality is what matters most. It is known within the industry that Russia is one of the world leaders in producing the very best Available Sphynx Kittens, Elf and Bambiono cats, with all our breeding cats having been carefully chosen and shipped directly from top Russian breeders. All kittens are ready to go to their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks of age.

All kittens that leave our home will be vaccinated, fully dewormed, and litter trained.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase a Sphynx kitten from Purfect Sphynx Kitten Home. 

Available Sphynx Cats For Adoption

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    Available Sphynx Kittens


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    Available Sphynx Kittens


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    Available Sphynx Kittens


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    Available Sphynx Kittens


All Purfect sphynx cats for adoption have been tested for and found to NOT have FELV or the FIV Viruses. Also, all our breeding cats are scanned for HCM and they are all clear.

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Fun Facts About Sphynx Cats

  • sphynx cats for adoption, Sphynx has 4 degrees warmer body compared to other cats.
  • Sphynx has an average lifespan of 9 to 15 years.
  • Sphynx is named after its sleek body which resembles the Egyptian sphinx.
  • Even though its body appears hairless, Sphynx is actually covered with thin layer of downy hair that looks like a peach fuzz. The Sphynx’s skin is covered with a fine down, much like that of a peach.
  • Sphynx has wedge-shaped head, narrow face without whiskers, well-developed cheeks, large eyes and large, bat-like ears. The Sphynx ears can be two or three inches high. It has slender, muscular body and whip-like tail. Sphynx has dexterous toes that can be used for manipulation of various objects..
  • Sphynx is named after its sleek body which resembles the Egyptian sphinx.
  • Sphynx has 4 degrees warmer body compared with other cats.
  • Sphynx constantly rubs its body against the body of its owner to maintain its body temperature stable. For the same reason it also often sleeps next to its owner.
  • Sphynx consumes 2 to 2.5 more food than other breeds of cat because it needs to generate and maintain body heat (other cats use fur to keep their body temperature stable).
  • Sphynx is sweet, affectionate, cuddly and playful cat that enjoys the company of people, other cats and cat-friendly dogs. The friendly Sphynx is easy to handle and he can be an excellent show cat and therapy cat as well as family companion. It warmly greets even the strangers.
  • Sphynx is suitable for the life in the apartments. When it is left on its own, it usually spends time in the warmest part of the house (often close to the sunny windows).
  • Sphynx should be kept in the house during the hottest part of the day to prevent sunburns on the skin (sunscreen can be used to protect its sensitive skin). Lack of fur is the reason why Sphynx doesn’t tolerate extremely hot and cold weather.
  • Sphynx requires weekly bathing to eliminate oil and dirt collected on the skin (it can hardly clean itself due to numerous wrinkles on the skin).
  • Sphynx has an average litter size of 4 to 6 kittens. Sphynx cats for adoption at purfect sphynx kitten home
  • Sphynx is generally healthy breed, but it can suffer from skin cancer and cardiac disorders.
  • Sphynx has an average lifespan of 9 to 15 years.
  • Sphynx is medium-sized cat that can reach 6 to 12 pounds of weight.